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What's New (Sep/27/2017)

Sweets Making and Onigiri Lunch

We’ll visit a historical and well-known shrine in the downtown atmospheric Nezu area. Then we’ll go to my friend's Wagashi—Japanese sweets—café in Sendagi, where we’ll make two types of traditional Japanese sweets. One is Higashi, a dry sweet, with Wasanbon sugar and the other is Namagashi, a moist sweet with bean paste, using hand-crafted wooden molds. The molds were created by a craftsman granted Ojuhosho—a medal for industriousness—by the Emperor. After making sweets, enjoy a Japanese rice ball lunch called onigiri and tasty Wagashi served with sake, or green tea if you prefer.

For an application, visit here.

About Wagashi Kunpu

Wagashi Kunpu is a different type of tea shop where you can enjoy a pairing of
handmade traditional Japanese sweets with Japanese sake.
Our sweets are also suitable for gifts and souvenirs.

‘‘Wagashi’’ means traditional Japanese sweets.
‘‘Kunpu’’ means early summer breeze that brings you nice aroma of green leaves.

The shop was named Wagashi Kunpu because we are a traditional Japanese sweets shop
that started operation in an early summer season,
and we place high priority on fully utilizing the unique aroma of each ingredient
in making our sweets.

 Pairing of Wagashi with Japanese sake

  If you have never experienced Wagashi and sake pairing,
  you will find how well Wagashi and sake match.
  All our Wagashi products are carefully prepared in-house each day,
  using the best of seasonal ingredients.
  As for Japanese sake, the owner/chef of the shop visits sake breweries located
  in different areas of Japan and selects best sake products
  that are in season and that match best with Wagashi.
  You can enjoy drinking sake from many different brands in our shop.

 Our recommended Wagashi and sake pairing

 ・Wagashi: ‘‘Dorayaki’’ with lemon confit.
   Dorayaki is one of the most popular Japanese sweets.
   It is sweet red bean paste sandwiched between sweet pancakes.
 ・Sake: Eikun Junmai Ginjo non-filtered raw unprocessed sake

  Enjoy an exquisite combination of sweet Dorayaki with slightly bitter lemon confit
  that is handmade from fresh lemons from Iwaki Island and Eikun sake that has rich aroma.

 ・Wagashi: ‘‘Kanten Zenzai’’ that is agar jelly and sweet
   red bean cream made from premium Dainagon red beans from Hokkaido.
   Orange peels and jasmine syrup are also used to add some refreshing taste.
 ・Sake: Classic Senkin Kimoto Kamenoo 50

  Enjoy another exquisite combination of refreshing taste of orange peels
  and jasmine syrup and Senkin sake that has fresh, sweet and sour flavors.

Traditional Wagashi cooking class


We hold a Wagashi cooking class in our shop once a month.
You can check the schedule on the Event Calender page
(available only in Japanese).
Private class can be held on your convenient date by paying 5,000 yen per person.
Please contact us at least one week before a date you would like us to hold a class.

First class 15:00 - 17:30
 includes 2 kinds of Wagashi×2 pieces each, a glass of sake, a plastic container for Wagashi(to go), lecture fee

Second class 18:30 - 21:30
 includes 3 kinds of Wagashi ×2 pieces each, 2 glasses of sake, meal, a plastic container for Wagashi(to go), lecture fee

Bring your towel and apron

Youtube ; Introduction of Wagashi Kunpu (subtitled in English)


<Shop info>

 Wagashi Kunpu
 2-24-5 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, 113-0022 Tokyo
 Normal opening hours: 13:30-19:00
 Holidays: Monday and Tuesday

3-minute walk from Sendagi station (C15) on Chiyoda subway line, Dangozaka exit(exit 1).
12-minute walk from Honkomagome station (N13) on Nanboku subway line, exit 1
14-minute walk from Nishinippori station on JR Yamanote line, West exit.

<How to get to our shop from Sendagi Station>

 1.Go past the ST-MARC CAFE (サンマルクカフェ) on your right located next to exit 1 of Sendagi .
 2.Go straight until you see Comgarden and turn right.
 3.Go past the Kotonone (琴の音) on your left.
 4.Go past a first cross road.
 5.Go straight for 10 meters and then you will find our shop on your left.