[WAGASHI] ‘‘Dorayaki’’ with lemon confit. 
Dorayaki is one of the most popular Japanese sweets. 
It is sweet red bean paste sandwiched between sweet pancakes. 
[SAKE]  Eikun Junmai Ginjo non-filtered raw unprocessed sake

Enjoy an exquisite combination of sweet Dorayaki with slightly bitter lemon confit that is handmade from fresh lemons from Iwaki Island and Eikun sake that has rich aroma.

[WAGASHI] ‘‘Kanten Zenzai’’ that is agar jelly and sweet red bean cream made from premium Dainagon red beans from Hokkaido. 
Orange peels and jasmine syrup are also used to add some refreshing taste. 
[SAKE]  Classic Senkin Kimoto Kamenoo 50 

Enjoy another exquisite combination of refreshing taste of orange peels and jasmine syrup and Senkin sake that has fresh, sweet and sour flavors.